Jobs in Bali for foreigners: Tips & Tricks

In this post we will talk about jobs in Bali that you could land as a foreigner. We will also give some advice that will help you search and get your dream job in Bali!
Group of people working on a set of a moovie in Bali

Jobs in Bali for foreigners: Tips & Tricks

Quite a few foreigners find employment in Bali

Bali is considered a dream destination for tourists worldwide and even though these last few years have been hard on tourism, the island still remains beautiful as it was before the pandemic.

There are many expats who come here for the first time as tourists and end up staying and finding a job that can sustain them and their families. Even though the pandemic is still affecting many sectors of the island, including the tourism industry in general, it is a good idea to start preparing on time if you are looking for a job in Bali.

Not all jobs are open for foreigners

You probably know it or maybe it is new for you but to obtain a job and to work legally in Indonesia/Bali you need to have a regular working permit. And, you can not do all the jobs available in Indonesia ( for example you can not get a job as a cashier at Burger King or Indomaret as that position can be easily done by a local citizen and that’s no need to hire a foreigner).

So basically foreigners will get jobs that are highly qualified and not so many Indonesian have the credential to do, or they have some special skills ( for example tourism related, they know a particular language that Indonesians don’t).

Indonesian customer giving money to Indonesian cashier
Example of a job that foreigners can not obtain

Jobs in Bali for foreigners not only tourism related

So Jobs that you could search for in Bali as far as we know are tourism related, but there are other positions in other sectors as well, for example English teacher, Embassy work, Construction sector, Engineering


As an alternative, you could start your own company and become an employer.

If you are reaching around and you are looking for a job but it seems that nothing is available right now for you, you could be a FREELANCE and be your own boss by getting a special work permit called ARTIS KITAS ( this type of permit is only available for so called “ artist category” like Yoga Teacher, Painters, Disk Jockey..) CALL TO ACTION ( This Pro Tip will be inside a colored box and the call to action will go to contact us)

Where to look for jobs in Bali

A good online source for starting researching is through social media especially on Facebook. A popular group for jobs for foreigners in Bali on Facebook is Bali Jobs, have a look at it and you can even post your CV in the group. Some portals that you could also research through are Linkedin , Jobstreet and Glassdoor.

Don't listen to negative people on Social Media

If you ask around on forums and on social media many will tell you that it is already difficult for locals to get a job; don’t listen to them, do your research and reach out personally to companies and organizations through emails that you would like to work for, you might have the luck with you.

Common jobs for foreigners in Bali

Some jobs in which foreigners are employed in Bali are: Marketing, Dive Instructor, Chef in a bigger kitchen, Hotel/ Resort Manager and Yoga Instructor.

These are quite common jobs obtained by foreigners and although many positions are empty because of the pandemic, they will all be filled up again once the pandemic is over.
Let’s get through these positions one by one with some tips that may help you land your dream job in Bali


For Marketing basically every company needs it, from Restaurants to Hotels, Dive Centers and Sport Centers. You might have some special skills and knowledge, languages or contacts that can make you different and more employable than others.

Keep your CV updated with all your previous jobs, skills, projects and results. Some marketing involve not only reaching out to customers through Social Media, Emails or Website, but will require organizing events, meeting potential partners and if you have the skills and the experiences for that that’s definitely something that will interest your employer, as you bring a lot of value to your position and to the company, more than a local employee.

Not saying that foreigners are better than the locals, but sometimes the foreigners that has been working abroad in many countries have that thinking outside the box that the local that has always been living in his own city doesn’t have.

Some locals are very good too and they find occupation same as the foreigners abroad.
Marketing is a job available for foreigner in Bali
Example of Marketing tasks in Bali

Dive Instructor

Then we have the Dive Instructor Position.
It is quite difficult to get this job as a foreigner because there are so many awesome local divers who can dive and teach like everyone else.

But you might have that extra language that dive centers have many customers of, or you are very friendly, positive and with a great personality. That’s how DiveGab got his job at a popular Dive Center in Bali.

Not because he was experienced or he could speak some particular languages, but because he was great with customers and students. Therefore, sometimes it takes less effort than what we think, but acting as we already get the position usually helps.
That will definitely make you very attractive and even more so if you are an experienced instructor with your own marketing and guests that follow you up wherever you are.

And many say that you won’t be rich by becoming a Dive Instructor. It is true but just in part; if you keep diving and teaching the customers only of the center you will get paid only for that, but if you create your own market with students and customers you will likely get paid more.

Send email to the many Dive Centers present on the island and if they don’t reply, reach through a phone call, (it always opens up for a second chance).

Most of the dive centers and the biggest are located in the Sanur area. Although if you don’t find employment with them try with the one in the North of the island, Tulamben and Amed. Even Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and the Gilis have many dive centers, you have plenty of choice.
Remember one thing: The employer has to pay for your Working Visa. Don’t pay it for yourself (you have better Visa options if you just want to stay longer time on the island) and don’t accept any jobs without any regular Working Visa as you can easily risk deportation.

Hopefully these employers will change their way of working as less and less people are willing to accept working without a Visa.
Divers diving sidemount in Bali
DiveGab diving sidemount in Bali

Chef in a Restaurant

Another popular job that is reached by foreigners is the Chef position.

If you are already in Bali, you could have the chance to visit restaurants by yourself. A popular category is the Italian chef, so if you know how to cook Italian you have plenty of options on the island. Reach out even to the smallest restaurant and ask for information, they might know some places that are hiring.

The busiest areas with a lot of expat Chefs are Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Sanur.
Chef cooking behind the kitchen
Chef working behind the kitchen in Bali

Hotel / Resort Manager

Being Bali mostly a tourism island, you will encounter many Hotels and Resorts of all dimensions.

One friend of ours was working in a popular Beach Club in Sanur before the pandemic started. Although business and especially Hotel/ Resort are not working 100% because of the Pandemic, new Hotels and Resorts are getting built and brought up by new groups.

Especially in this period don’t expect very high conditions as pre-pandemic, but it could get a bit easier if you accept less to get a foot into the working industry in Bali.
waiter working in the restaurant of an hotel in Bali
Managing an Hotel in Bali

Yoga Instructor

And last but not least Yoga Instructor.

Bali is well known for its spiritual and mystical energy and many come to the island looking for a retreat or to just experience some yoga surrounded by rice fields and calmness.

You can search for employment in one of the many Yoga centers that are spread through the island, specially in the Canggu area and in Ubud ( well known for its rice fields and its calmness).

Reach out through Social Media or by sending emails, you will for sure at least get some reply and tips on how to land your dream job in Bali.
Woman doing Yoga in Bali
Yoga Teacher in Bali


Here were just a few jobs that you could land in Bali as a foreigner. Comment in the section below, if you know more jobs easily obtained by foreigners and let us know if you find this article useful.

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