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What is Trademark in Indonesia?

Trademark in Indonesia refers to a recognizable phrase, word, or symbol that denotes a specific product and legally differentiates it from all other products of its kind. In Indonesia and in the rest of the world it identifies a product as belonging to a specific company and recognizes the company’s ownership of the brand.

So basically all related to the branding of your company is trademark (pma setup link): the name, the logo, the colors, some specific designs…

Check Trademark registration in Indonesia

Searching for a trademark in Indonesia is now very easy especially with the digital era. If you want to see if a company has is trademark registered or you want to check if your idea/business is not taken yet, you can check the list of the Indonesian Trademark Database. It’s a very detailed list in English connected to the Indonesian government.

Benefits of registering your Trademark

  • You will be legally protected if somebody tries to register your brand or a very similar one
  • Others will be discouraged to use your brand or your content
  • Your brand will stick out among other competitors
  • Gives your brand more thrust and authority

When will your Trademark not get approved?

There could be several reason why your registration get rejected:

  1. for example your branding goes against the Legislation, the Morality , the religion or the Public Order of Indonesia
  2. Only mention the product but not about the class. You need to choose the correct classification for your trademark. There are 45 classes to choose from for your trademark. Class 1-34 are for goods and 35-45 are for services. You can also apply for more than 1 class for trademark
  3. It is very similar to another Trademark. It is important that your trademark is unique and can not be confused/compared with others
  4. It is a common name or it is a general public property
  5. Contain information which are not in line with the quality, benefits of goods and/or services

But no worries, if for some reasons your Trademark application will get refused, we still have another 90 days to correct the application.

Transfer your Trademark to Indonesia from abroad

You may want to transfer your Trademark right to Indonesia for several reasons; the most common is when the business moves his operation and base to Indonesia.

To do so you can just contact us and we will help you to achieve that. Usually it takes around 15 days to review and if approved it will get into the trademark register within 6 months.

Validity of Trademark in Indonesia

Once registered your trademark will have a legal duration of 10 years.

Do you really need a Trademark registration In Indonesia?

We think it all depends on how long you have been in business and also how long term you plan. If you are opening a new business/brand probably it’s not the first thing you will think about as there are many other aspects of the business you want to develop first.

However when the brand starts to grow we highly recommend to register the mark to legally protect your brand and to give it more trust. Our brand has already been registered since the beginning of our journey.

As our experience tells us, in business even the healthiest relationship/friendship can turn around, so we see healthier and safer for the long term to have Trademark and other paper written down for legal protection.

How long does it take to register the trademark and at what cost?

The registration of the trademark usually takes around 9 weeks: 1 week to check for all the paperwork and to get approval of registration for your trademark and then 8 weeks to receive the printed legal certificate that will be sent to your address.

Our price to register a trademark when we act as a guarantee is IDR 3,500,000.

Process of Trademark registration

Check for Trademark
Tracing a trademark is something you should do first, before registering a trademark to make sure whether the trademark you have chosen has been used by someone else and has registered its trademark. This is very important to prevent you from being rejected when you want to register your trademark.

Please note, you will not be able to reclaim your trademark, when someone else has registered it with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (Ditjen HKI).
Check for Trademark
Prepare Documents
After you are sure that the trademark you are going to use has not been used, please prepare the requirements for registering your trademark. Here are some of the requirements for trademark registration:

- The applicant (company or individual) prepares 30 samples of brands with a maximum size of 9 x 9 cm, at least 2 x 2 cm
- Prepare a list of goods or services that are branded
- Certificate of ownership from the applicant
- Power of Attorney (if required)
- Photocopy of the applicant's KTP
- Photocopy of NPWP (specifically for company applicants)
Prepare Documents
Trademark Registration
The trademark registration procedure is divided into two parts:

- The submission of a trademark by the applicant directly and going through a verification process carried out by the Ditjen HKI. The applicant will fill out a trademark registration form with various other requirements that must be fulfilled, such as a certificate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, brand label, special power of attorney, proof of payment for trademark registration, and proof of receipt of a trademark registration request.

- After this, the Ditjen HKI will check the registration, until finally a trademark certificate is issued.
Trademark Registration
Trademark News
After being approved, 10 days after that the Ditjen HKI will announce the application in an official trademark news. The announcement will last for 3 months. Make sure you always check periodically about this.
Trademark News
Eventual Objection
If the applicant has an objection, the applicant can submit an objection in writing to the Ditjen HKI within 2 months from the date of receipt of a copy of the objection. The Ditjen HKI will use the objection as a consideration to re-examine the applicant.
Eventual Objection
Trademark Certificate
If there are no problems in each process, the Ditjen HKI will issue and give a Trademark Certificate to the applicant or his proxy within 30 days from the date the application is approved to be on the general register of marks.
Trademark Certificate

Submit Trademark registration in Indonesia

Trademark Content

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