C22A/C22B Internship Visa

C22A/C22B Visa is a single entry visa that allows you to stay 180 days straight from your arrival in Indonesia/Bali without any extension!

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What Is C22A/C22B Internship Visa?

The C22A/C22B Internship Visa its the new and updated version of the  B211B Internship Visa in Indonesia.

This revision aligns with the latest regulations and is tailored to cater to the specific needs of individuals: this visa is specific for engaging in internship activities for academic purposes or skill development within a company, office, or workplace.

Difference between C22A and C22B. Which one should I apply for?

You need to apply for the appropriate visa category in line with your internship purposes for a smooth application process. Here is the difference between C22A and C22B:


C22A Academy Internship:

  • Specifically crafted for individuals looking to engage in internship activities to fulfill the academic requirements of their overseas education.
  • Offers the flexibility to participate in tourism experiences and reconnect with friends or family.

C22B Company Internship:

  • Tailored for individuals eager to undertake internship activities aimed at developing skills and talent within a company, office, or workplace.
  • Similar to C22A, this visa allows the freedom to explore tourism opportunities and spend quality time with friends or family.


How many days can you stay in Indonesia/Bali with this Visa?

The C22A/C22B Internship Visa is non-extendable and automatically grants you a 180-day validity upon entry into Indonesia. It’s essential to plan your internship duration accordingly, considering the exit requirement after 180 days (equivalent to 6 months).

It is a Single Entry Visa

The C22A/C22B Visa is a Single Entry Visa.

Which means that if you leave the country for any reason and you want to re enter the country you need to reapply for a new visa!

If you need a multiple entryvisa and you would like to stay in Bali/Indonesia in multiple intervals the D12 Pre Investment Visa is what you need!

Copy of the C22 A Internship Visa Evisa
C22A Internship Visa Evisa

In how many days I have to enter Indonesia/Bali after the issue of the E-Visa?

Upon receiving your E-Visa on your email, you have a 180-days window to enter Indonesia from the release date written on your E-Visa.

We highly recommend checking your flight details and submitting your visa application at least 1 month before your intended travel date that will ensure a smooth and timely process for your journey.

Is Business allowed with the C22A/C22B Internship Visa?

While holding this visa, engaging in the sale of goods or services and receiving rewards, wages, or similar payments in Indonesia is not permitted.

GAYA BALI VISA will not act as the sponsor for your C22A or C22B Internship Visa; our role is solely to facilitate the application process.

Please verify with the company hosting your internship if they can provide us with the necessary company documents to act as the sponsor for your internship program.

Picture of the C22B Internship Visa E Visa
C22B Internship Visa Evisa

Document required for the application of the C22A/C22B Internship Visa

To begin the application process, we need the following documents from you. Make sure to read the terms and conditions regarding the quality requirements for the passport and photo:

  1. A scanned/color copy of your passport and cover of your passport.
  • Your passport needs to be valid for at least 9 months and you must have at least 2 empty pages. 
  • Note: Foreigners with Travel Documents that are not passport or nationality documents must attach a re-entry permit from the country/immigration that issued the document.
  • Make sure the photo of your passport is sharp, in focus, not ghosted, not covered, not cropped or folded, and not blurry.
  • Make sure the passport photo is in landscape form.
  1. A recent passport-size photo of yourself.
  • Unrecommended photo: Blurry photo, Others than face photo, Expression face photo.
  • Make sure your photo shows half the body, not just the chest and head
  1. A personal bank statement is required, showing a minimum final balance of USD 2,000 or equivalent for the last 3 months. The statement should include your name, the date of the period covered, and the account balance details.
  1. Internship agreement or a letter from a government agency or private institution confirming their role as the host of the internship program.
  1. Provide us with your address in Indonesia. Whether you stay in a villa or a hotel is fine.

We don’t require any documents except all written above.

Passport photo requirements for C22A/C22B Investment Visa Indoensia
Passport photo requirements for C22A/C22B Investment Visa
Picture of passport page requirements
Passport page requirements for C22A/C22B Investment Visa

Price & Services for the C22A/C22B Internship Visa

Normal Services : IDR 9,000,000

The process will take 14 Business Days (does not include weekends & public holidays)

Inclusion :

  • Visa Fee (including 50 USD)
  • Sponsor Fee

VIP Services : IDR 11,000,000 

The process will take 4-5 Business Days (does not include weekends & public holidays)

Inclusion :

  • Visa Fee (including 50 USD)
  • Sponsor Fee

Payment Methods for the C22A/C22B Internship Visa

Our accepted payment method is

  • Wise
  • Credit Card
  • Western Union.

We do not accept PayPal, Revolut, and international bank transfers because it takes too long and there is too much deduction from the payment.

For credit card payments, please send us a confirmation so we can send you the link.
This payment method has an additional charge of 3%.

Process of Making C22A/C22B Internship Visa

Submit Document
1. A scanned/color copy of your passport and cover of your passport (full no crop).

2. A passport-size photo of yourself.

3. Personal bank statement.

4. Internship agreement or letter from government agency or private institution

5. Your address in Indonesia

Submit Document
Receive our confirmation letter
Once GAYA BALI VISA has received all the required documentation, a letter of confirmation will be sent to you
Receive our confirmation letter
Processing Your Visa
GAYA BALI VISA processes your C22A/C22B Internship Visa in General Immigration Jakarta
Processing Your Visa
Your Visa is ready
After the visa has been issued we will send it to your email
Your Visa is ready
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Now you can pack your stuff, book your ticket and relax.
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C22A/C22B Internship Visa

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