E31 Family KITAS

E31 Family KITAS allows you to reunite with your family in Bali/Indonesia. Each KITAS is valid 1 or 2 years depending on the category

E31 Family KITAS

What is E31 Family KITAS?

The E31 Family KITAS in Indonesia is the updated version of the C317 Family/Spouse KITAS, based on the latest index.

It has undergone a detailed restructuring, offering distinct categories to cater to specific familial situations:

  1. E31A – Spouse of Indonesian Citizen 1 Year: Tailored for spouses of Indonesian citizens, officially recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Indonesia or an Indonesian Mission.
  1. E31B – Spouse Visa 1 Year: Designed for individuals joining a family as the spouse of an ITAS/ITAP holder.
  1. E31C – Child of Indonesian Citizen 1 Year or 2 Years: Applicable to children born from a legal marriage, where either parent is an Indonesian citizen and officially recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Indonesia or the Indonesian Mission.
  1. E31D – Child of Foreigners 1 Year or 2 Years: Reserved for children of foreign nationals legally married to Indonesian citizens.
  1. E31E – Child Visa 1 Year or 2 Years: Intended for unmarried children under 18 years old whose parents hold KITAS or Permanent Stay Permits (KITAP).

Price for the E31 Family KITAS?

The price for E31 Family KITAS is IDR 11,500,000 for 1 year and IDR 15,500,000 for 2 years.

Included in the price:

  • Visa Fee (including USD 150)
  • Sponsor Fee
  • Airport Pick up services Jimbaran, Kuta, and Seminyak. For the  Nusa Dua, Canggu, Uluwatu, Gianyar, Ubud, and Tabanan areas, a charge will be applied. Please send us your flight details and address max. 2 days before your arrival date. Without confirmation, we will not be able to arrange your pick-up.

How long does the process of the E31 Family KITAS takes?

The process will take 14 Business Days (does not include weekends & public holidays)

E31E E-Visa Child 1 Year
E31E E-Visa Child 1 Year

What are the required documents?

Here are the requirement documents for the E31 Family KITAS:

  1. A scanned/color copy of your passport and cover of your passport.
  • Your passport needs to be valid for at least 9 months and you must have at least 2 empty pages. 
  • Note: Foreigners with Travel Documents that are not passport or nationality documents must attach a re-entry permit from the country/immigration that issued the document.
  • Make sure the photo of your passport is sharp, in focus, not ghosted, not covered, not cropped or folded, and not blurry.
  • Make sure the passport photo is in landscape form.
  1. A recent passport-size photo of yourself.
  • Unrecommended photo: Blurry photo, Other than face photo, Expression face photo.
  • Make sure your photo shows half the body, not just the chest and head
  1. A personal bank statement is required, showing a minimum final balance of USD 2,000 or equivalent for the last 3 months. The statement should include your name, the date of the period covered, and the account balance details.
  1. Proof of guarantee from the Guarantor or a statement of commitment.
  1. Provide us with your address in Indonesia. Whether you are staying in a villa or a hotel, both options are acceptable.

Payment Methods

Our accepted payment methods are Wise, Credit Card, Revolut, and Western Union.

Please note:

  • PayPal and International Bank Transfer are not accepted due to delays and high fees.
  • Wise: To make your payment process faster, please use our email address as the Wise Recipient: [email protected]
  • Revolut: We will begin processing once the full invoice amount is received in our bank account. Please make sure the amount of money we will receive must match the amount on the invoice, if there is a difference due to deductions or because you underpaid, you must pay the difference.
  • Credit Card payments: Send us a confirmation to receive the payment link. This method incurs an additional 3% charge.
  • Indonesian Company Bank Accounts: If you pay through a company bank account, especially a company from Indonesia, you will have to pay the 2% of tax on your expenses – this case only if you report the transaction.

Process for E31 Family KITAS

Submit your E-KITAS
Once we received all the documents, we will promptly submit your E-KITAS application. The process for the E-KITAS will take around 14 Business Days. However, please note that processing times may be longer if there are errors or system maintenance by immigration.
Submit your E-KITAS
Enter within 90 days
Upon receiving your E-KITAS, you have 90 days to enter Indonesia from the date it was issued. If you do not plan to enter Indonesia within this period, you will need to re-apply for an E-KITAS.
Enter within 90 days
Report arrival to us
Upon your arrival in Indonesia, please contact us to report your KITAS and arrival. You must do this within 30 days of your arrival and provide your physical passport. You can either drop it off at our office (with pick-up available upon request at least 2 days in advance).
Report arrival to us
KITAS ready
Once we have received your passport, we will handle the submission of your passport and KITAS documents to Immigration. We will prepare all necessary documents. You will receive a schedule for your photo appointment within 7 business days (though this may take longer if there are system issues at the immigration office). We will notify you of the schedule via Whatsapp. After completing the biometrics registration, your passport and KITAS e-card will be ready within 5 business days.
KITAS ready

Start E31 Family KITAS with us!

E31 Family KITAS

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