E28A General Investment KITAS 2 Years

E28A General Investemt KITAS allows you to stay in Bali/Indonesia for 2 years

E28A General Investment KITAS 2 Years

What is E28A General Investment Visa?

The E28A General Investment KITAS is the evolution of the previous C314 Investment KITAS, based on the latest index.

This revised KITAS is tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals involved in various activities, such as business activities, investments, and setting up companies.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to bring your family members with you  by applying for the E31 Family KITAS   and participate in corporate roles within your invested companies.

This visa also allows you to study in Indonesia, provided you’re registered within the multiple activity stay permit procedure, and to travel back and forward the country as long as your permit remains valid. 

The permit allow you also tourist activities and visit friends or family, making your stay in Indonesia both productive and enjoyable.

E-Visa E28A General Investment KITAS 2 Years
E-Visa E28A General Investment KITAS

Can I work using an E28A General Investment KITAS?

While holding this visa, it’s important to note that you are prohibited from undertaking any employment that falls outside the scope of activities permitted by your stay permit.

Can I apply for the KITAS while I am in Indonesia/Bali?

If you are currently in Indonesia/Bali with VOA or 211A Visa you need to undergo a Visa run ( offshore process).

However, you can stay in Indonesia until your visa expires and then simply fly out and back on the same day with the new E28  KITAS.

Price for the E28A General Investment KITAS 2 Years

The price for the KITAS with your own PMA is IDR 17,000,000.

You can also opt for our Express serivce which will take less time to process the KITAS for an additional IDR 2,000,000.

What are the required documents that you must prepare?

Personal Documents

  1. A scanned/color copy of your passport and cover of your passport, please note that your passport needs to be valid for at least 12 months and you must have at least 2 empty pages.
  2. A scan or photo in color of the main page passport (full no crop)
  3. Address in Indonesia
  4. Photograph of yourself (it can be a selfie with any color background)

Company Documents

  1. Company Deed Establishment & Changes (if you did some changes)
  2. SK KUMHAM ( Ministry of Humanity Law and Rights approval )
  3. NIB
  4. NPWP
  5. OSS license (NIB, Standard Certificate etc.)
  6. Profil Perseroan (please ask to your notary) 
  7. Company stamp (soft copy)
  8. Company Letterhead (soft copy)

How long does it take to process the E28A General Investment KITAS?

The process of your E28A General Ivestment  KITAS will take a maximum of 2 weeks  to complete.

It can be done faster if you choose our Express Service and that will take only 3-4 business days.

Payment Methods

Our accepted payment methods are Wise, Credit Card, Revolut, and Western Union.

Please note:

  • PayPal and International Bank Transfer are not accepted due to delays and high fees.
  • Wise: To make your payment process faster, please use our email address as the Wise Recipient: [email protected]
  • Revolut: We will begin processing once the full invoice amount is received in our bank account. Please make sure the amount of money we will receive must match the amount on the invoice, if there is a difference due to deductions or because you underpaid, you must pay the difference.
  • Credit Card payments: Send us a confirmation to receive the payment link. This method incurs an additional 3% charge.
  • Indonesian Company Bank Accounts: If you pay through a company bank account, especially a company from Indonesia, you will have to pay the 2% of tax on your expenses – this case only if you report the transaction.

Process for E28A General Investment KITAS

Register your PMA
First, we will register your PMA on the visa online system.
Register your PMA
Submit your E-KITAS
Once the user setup is complete, we will promptly submit your E-KITAS application. You can expect to receive your E-KITAS within a maximum of 2 weeks. However, please note that processing times may be longer if there are errors or system maintenance by immigration. If you need your E-KITAS faster, you can opt for our EXPRESS process for an additional charge of IDR 2,000,000 with processing times reduced to 3-4 business days.
Submit your E-KITAS
Enter within 90 days
Upon receiving your E-KITAS, you have 90 days to enter Indonesia from the date it was issued. If you do not plan to enter Indonesia within this period, you will need to re-apply for an E-KITAS.
Enter within 90 days
Report arrival to us
Upon your arrival in Indonesia, please contact us to report your KITAS and arrival. You must do this within 30 days of your arrival and provide your physical passport. You can either drop it off at our office (with pick-up available upon request at least 2 days in advance).
Report arrival to us
KITAS ready
Once we have received your passport, we will handle the submission of your passport and KITAS documents to Immigration. We will prepare all necessary documents. You will receive a schedule for your photo appointment within 7 business days (though this may take longer if there are system issues at the immigration office). We will notify you of the schedule via Whatsapp. After completing the biometrics registration, your passport and KITAS e-card will be ready within 5 business days.
KITAS ready

Start E28A General Investment KITAS with us

E28A General Investment KITAS

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